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European Quantum Energy Medicine Conference

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Copenhagen, 19-21 September 2008

If you are one of the many who found out about the conference too late, and wished you had been there, not all hope is lost! We had professional DVD's made of all three days of the conference, with all the plenary talks, including slide and film presentations. There are also bonus interviews of almost all the speakers. Only the Saturday workshops are not included.


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Conference DVD set

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Day 1: "Deep Science", Friday 19th September (4 DVDs / 6:36 hours).
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425 DKK (~€56.50), plus P&P 

Day 2: "Applications", Saturday 20th September (2 DVDs / 3:42 hours).
Your Price: 325 DKK (~€43), plus P&P

Day 3: "Best Practice", Sunday 21st September (3 DVDs / 7:00 hours).
Your Price: 375 DKK (~€50), plus P&P  


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Following the last two successful events in 2006 and 2007 in Stockholm (organised by XEDE International), this was the first conference of its kind in Denmark and the biggest of its kind in Scandinavia. It brought together cutting-edge theoretical, medical and natural scientists with some of the world’s most experienced health practitioners in the domain of Quantum Energy Medicine. 

 Jim Oschman's strong presence keeps the audience quietly enthralled!

 Photo: Kristine Billeskov Larsen



How do we create an optimal healing system? According to many top scientists and highly successful practitioners, energy and informational medicine cannot be ignored. This is a trailer of the exciting new film,”The Living Matrix”, which had its premiere in March 2009.

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A huge number of participants expressed a deepening and broadening of knowledge and understanding. Some commented that they now knew what direction their career was to take.

There was a broad variety of (fascinating!) speakers in terms of experience and area of expertise. Our goal for the conference - to cross-fertilize methodologies and science, providing a more integrative and non-invasive, yet scientifically explicabale, approach to medicine and healing - was reached beyond all expectation.

We hope that the hundreds of therapists and health professionals who attended the event, have used what they gained to make an even stronger contribution to the greater world out there!



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